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Calicut medical college was established in 1957.  The Calicut Medical College is the apex referral center for the Northern Kerala catering to five districts of the state.  The department of Orthopaedics is functioning from the outset.  Presently the dept is giving admission to 10 post graduate student per year. For the convenience of the work output, the dept is functioning as 4 units.


Unit I:            Prof Jyodish K S, Prof and Head of the Dept

                      Dr. Jackob Mathew, Asst. Professor

                      Dr. Kumaran Chettiar, Asst. Professor                       


Unit II:          Dr. Raveendran , Associate Professor

                      Dr. Ravikumar Asst Professor

                      Dr. Sreejith T G, Lecturer

                      Dr. Balaji, Senior Lecturer 


Unit III:          Dr. Gopinathan P, Associate Professor

                       Dr. Anwar Marthya, Senior lecturer

                       Dr. Sibin Surendran, Senior Lecturer


Unit IV:            Dr. Rajesh Purushottaman, Asst Professor

                       Dr. Raju K, Senior Lecturer

                       Dr. Jojo Inassi, Senior Lecturer





The Dept of Orthopaedics is actively carrying out patient care, teaching undergraduate and post graduate students and research programmes. About 250 patients attend to the out patient department everyday. At any time there are about 300 in patients admitted for treatment.We are performing about 50 major and 100 minor surgeries per week.   The casualty service of our Dept is functioning  round the clock every day through out the year and has about 100 patients per day of which 8-10 undergo major surgeries and about 25 undergo minor surgeries per day. 

We have teaching programmes for postgraduate and undergraduate students. The undergraduate students are undergoing training for a period of three months in clinical Orthopaedics. Postgraduate training includes patient care, academic activities and training in surgical techniques. Each PG is doing a dissertation. In addition to the regular dissertation there are many other research activities going on in the department. Many of the works have been presented in the National and International conferences. Some of them include:

  • Management of intra capsular fractures in young adults presented in the Indo-German orthopaedic foundation meeting at cochin.
  • Sarmiento bracing in the treatment of fractures of humerus in adults presented at Asia Pacific Orthopaedic Association meeting at Coimbatore.
  • Surgical management of Perthes disease presented at Indian Orthopaeedic Association meeting at Madras.
  • Surgical management of fracture spine presented at Indian Orthopaedic Association meeting at Madras.
  • Simplified trauma score in the treatment of poly trauma cases presented at Orthopaedic association of South Indian States conference at Banglore. 


The dept is actively involved in conducting Continuing Medical Education Programmes for the benefit of the consultants, the specialists working in the periphery as well as the PGs from other colleges,.  The CME was conducted recently in Total Knee Replacement Surgery, and another one on Spinal instrumentation.    A Clinical Training and Instructional Course lecture was conducted in August 2003, and August 20p04, which were recognized by Indian Medical Council and the National Board of Examinations New Delhi. 

Our association with National Institute of Technology Calicut has resulted in the evolution of special wrist fixator for the treatment of complicated fractures of the wrist. 

We have developed many new surgical methods which has been widely accepted in various national conferences.  They include,

  • Double breasting of the capsule in the treatment of congenital dislocation of the hip.
  • Marsupialisation in the treatment of popliteal cyst.
  • New static ligamentotaxis device for treatment of fractures of the wrist.
  • Minimally invasive surgery in Austin Moore Prosthesis in fractures of neck of femur.
  • Minimally invasive Lumbar discectomy.
  • Reverse hybrid total hip replacement surgery
  • Patellar non resurfacing Total Knee Arthroplasty
  • Indigenous elbow replacement surgery
  • Fractional lengthening in Volkman’s ischeamic contractures of the forearm
  • Box suturing in mallet finger deformity
  • Expandable cage in Posterior Lumbar Interbody Fusion in Spinal instability
  • Scoliosis correction - Anterior and posterior surgeries in Lateral position
  • Arthroscopic ACL reconstruction and augmentation
  • Arthroscopic shoulder repair for shoulder instability

This department has so far set a standard in Orthopaedic education. 

The department  is conducting annual CMEs  and Hands on workshop on Total hip and Knee Replacement, spine fixation, arthroscopic knee surgeries. Eminent faculties from all over India are invited to share there knowledge and wisdom.   

The department is also conducting Clinical Training and Instructional Course (CTIC) for the postgraduates annualy. This is recognized by the Medical Council of India.

 The department is publishing a quarterly journal, the “Journal of Calicut Ortho Alumni Association”.   This journal has obtained international standard serial number from Paris (ISSN 0972-9046).  

The department is also publishing an open access online journal “Journal of Orthopaedics” (available at  More than one lakh  readers visit this site every month from all over the world. This is an online journal with perspectives in Tropical Orthopaedics.  This is indexed in major indexing agencies like, Directory of Open Access Journals, Open Med online, Ulrich’s Medical Directory, Google, Yahoo, American online etc.   This is a peer reviewed journal and we have already published articles from Japan, Venezuela, UK, Nepal etc.

The department is conducting Prof P.A. Alexander Memorial Quiz competition for under graduate students and Prof. P. K. Surendran memorial quiz competition for post graduates on an yearly basis.

Many papers  papers has been published by the department in many national and international conferences .The department has really set a new standard for the Orthopaedic education in Kerala state.

Many advanced Orthopaedic procedures have been introduced in the department and are routinely done, thus increasing the quality of Orthopaedic surgical care. Some of them includes Spondylolisthesis surgery, Scoliosis surgery (both anterior and posterior correction), Posterior Lumbar Interbody Fusion with expandable cage, Minimally invasive lumbar discectomy, Total Knee Arthroplasty, Total Hip Arthroplasty,total elbow arthroplasty, Ilizarov procedures, arthroscopic meniscal and cruciate surgeries, arthroscopic repair for rotator cuff tears, shoulder instability etc.





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