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  About COAA








 About COAA


The Calicut Ortho Alumni Association was formed with an idea of annual get together and exchange of scientific ideas among doctors in the field of Orthopaedic Surgery.  Over a short period of time, the association has reached enviable position with many CMEs, workshops and doctors training programmes being conducted under its banner.  The association has a print journal –“Journal of Calicut Ortho Alumni Association” with ISSN number 0972-9046.  The association plans to conduct yearly quiz programmes for undergraduates and postgraduates.


Office Bearers:

President                     :Prof. Dinesh Shanker

Secretary                     :Dr. Anwar Marthya

Joint Secretary            :Dr. Gopinath,  

Treasurer                     :Dr. Raju Karuppal





Arthrocon 2022

Knee Arthroplasty Symposium

27th Bi-Annual Meet 2022, October 02nd

Venu: GMC Ortho Foundation Hospital Auditorium,
East Nadakkavu, CH Cross Road, Calicut - 673001

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For Details Contact
Ph:+ 91 94470 59014



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